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"ETi Smart Logistics Platform has proven by real logistics users that maximize process and management efficiency 5 times, minimize the delivery error by 99%, and minimize delivery date and time error by 99%."

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ETi - Smart Logistics Platform

ETi smart logistics platform is working with a single mission to partnering with a logistics company to digitize Thailand's trucking and logistics industry. Many years of experience has led us to gain in-depth understanding of key obstacles that prevent many logistics players to compete in the digital world.

We can help you. At ETi, our team has Knowledge, Know-How, Innovation, and Technology to transition your business.

Our knowledge team consists of logistics specialists, IT specialists, and UX specialists.

Our know-How is twofold:

  1. Successful projects with a logistics company that justified by Deming Prize, Grand Deming Prize, and SCG Kaizen Award.

  2. Fifteen years in customized IT and Digital Business Solution.​

Our Innovations are proven by successful projects inclusive of the Smart Logistics Platform, Sales Management Platform, and Customer Analytics & Monitoring Platform.


Our Technology are Cutting-Edge Technology.

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"More efficiency with smart workflow"

"Raise delivery efficiency with smart routing"

"Track & Trace your operation with smart monitoring"

"Increase cash-flow efficiency with smart billing"

"Better data connection with smart profiling"

"Expand your partner with smart network"



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